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Date Update
19/11/2022 : 2:00 pm:ETA is between 5:30 and 6pm
Birdwatching was as delightful today, if not more, as it was last evening. Children were shown birds they could not identify yesterday and were encouraged to talk about the ones they did. A worksheet was provided to them with a checklist of birds, both names and images, to make the aforementioned activity more structured. On returning to the resort, they were given a worksheet with an illustration of a bird, which they were supposed to fill with colours of their choice. Before leaving, a sumptuous meal was provided to them, which included soup, salad, macaroni, vegetables and dal, breads, rice and dessert. They have now boarded their buses at 1:15 pm and left Bharatpur
10:30 am:Day 2 of the trip started with excited chattering heard from children's rooms. Contrary to our expectations, they didn't need any alarm to wake up, and were ready for the second day of adventure on time. Breakfast was served at 7, and it included cereal and milk, fresh juice, variety of fruits, uttapam, sambhar, poha, aloo puri, toasted bread, butter and jam. Post breakfast, children left for the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary again in order to enjoy bird watching and compare it with the observations they made yesterday.
18/11/2022 : 09:30 am:4 buses have reached The Food Street. After having light snacks, i.e., chips and juice on the bus, children are now enjoying a healthy meal. They have been served a variety of options, such as aloo puri, sandwiches, fresh juice and South Indian food. By 10 am, they'll board their buses again to resume their journey to Bharatpur.
01:30 pm: Reached hotel " Udai Villas" at 12:00 noon. Students have been allocated rooms. Will freshen up and meet for lunch at 1pm
03:30 pm: Lunch over at 2:00 pm
Boarded buses to visit Museum
Now At Museum LohaGarh Fort
students reached Bharatpur at the scheduled time. They were allotted rooms and given time to rest, post which they were served lunch in the dining hall of Uday Vilas Palace. They had ample options for lunch, including North Indian and Chinese, soups and dessert. After they had had a hearty meal, they left for the museum situated in Lohagarh Fort. There, they attended a short introductory talk by an expert following which they explored the museum. Now they are headed to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary for bird watching
6:20 pm :class 6 back from the sanctuary having a snack break . weather is pleasant and all well.
08:00 pm: Children are back from the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. They enjoyed watching an incredible variety of birds, such as painted storks, darter, egret, cormorant, water moorhen, parakeets, etc. They were fortunate to also spot deer, antelope and blue bull while on foot and during the rickshaw rides they took inside the sanctuary. They are back to the resort and being served evening snacks, which they are relishing while dancing with their friends to their favourite songs on the DJ!
09:30 pm: While the children were eagerly looking forward to dancing their heart out, they had no idea about the other surprises that awaited them. After having the evening snacks, they watched an enchanting puppet show and attended an informative talk on Bharatpur. Some of them won exciting prizes as part of the lucky draw contest, which was followed by them grooving to songs of their choice. Dinner was served at 8 pm, which was wholesome -veg meals, soups and desserts. They were given ample time to enjoy their food and thereafter now in their rooms for a sound sleep.--