Update for Dehradun trip

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Date Update
19/11/2022 : 08:30 am:Children have arrived for breakfast post which we will check out of the hotel and head out for IMA.
01:00 pm:After the IMA, children have headed out and are enroute to Delhi.
02:40 pm:Children have arrived at Marty's Exotica for lunch
18/11/2022 : 09:30 am:Students have left for Forest research institute after breakfast
11:30 am:Children visited and took a walking tour of FRI. We are now moving to Mindroling monastery.
1:30 pm:Children have completed the Mindrolling Monastery visit and are moving to the hotel for lunch.
3:30 pm:Lunch after monastery visit
7:30 pm:Hands on baking session
17/11/2022 : 06:30 am:Trip to Dehradun started
10:30 am:Children had breakfast and are safe
03:20 pm:Children have reached hotel and are eating lunch. Post lunch they will be going to the Petroleum museum
07:30 pm:Children have returned from Petroleum museum and have been allotted rooms. Star gazing session will become shortly.
Star gazing session going on indoors
08:30 pm:Children going to rooms