Update on TERI Trip # 2

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Date Update
03/05/2019 : 3:30 pm: Reached Kathgodam Station and boarded train to New Delhi. Train expected to reach New Delhi at it’s scheduled time. Parents are requested to reach by 8:30 pm at the platform.
12 noon: The students had breakfast at the campus and after a feedback session the students left the campus to reach Kathgodam station.
7:30 am The Students went to the sunrise point and enjoyed the scenic beauty.
02/05/2019 : 8.30pm: After visiting the village, the students returned to the campus for a feedback session. Post dinner, they enjoyed the bonfire along with dance and music performed by local people of Mukhteshwar
08:00 pm
Children fine. Bon fire session on
Local dancers entertaining our children
4 pm : The students went to Muhiya’s house for lunch and then visited the loacal village and prepared food for the house members.
10:30 am The students visited the local school, participated in the school activities and interacted with students of the school. Thereafter, they visited the local village to understand the system followed for growing crops during the year.
7:30 am Early morning after a refreshing session of yoga, students having their breakfast and getting ready for an exciting day ahead.
01/05/2019 : 10:00 pm Students made group presentations for the evening activities. After having dinner they are all ready to retire into their rooms.
6:00 pm After having healthy home cooked food for lunch and resting for sometime at the TERI Centre, the students started their team building and group activities in the campus itself.
2:00 pm: Students reached Kathgodam and boarded buses to reach the TERI Himalayan Centre.
9:30 am: Students enjoying their journey to Kathgodam by interacting with each other. Breakfast being served during the journey.