Update on TERI Trip

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Date Update
26/04/2019 : 7:00 am The students visited chauli ki jauli early morning and witnessed beautiful sunrise and scenic beauty. After having breakfast at the campus, they would be leaving for Kathgodam station.
2:00 pm Students have reached Kathgodam station and will be boarding train at the scheduled time.
25/04/2019 : 8:30 am Students had morning tea and healthy breakfast and getting ready for visit to Sufi farm and village
10:00 am After attending orientation, students have reached Sufi farm and exploring the CSR initiative done by TERI
2:00 pm After visiting the SUPI farm, the students are visiting the village and interacting with villagers and understanding their way of living. The students even helped in cooking food.
9:00 pm Students had a wonderful time visiting and understanding the village people and their lives. They concluded it by sharing their experiences with each other. After having dinner, they are ready to retire into their rooms.
24/04/2019 : 1:00pm : The students have reached Kathgodam Station at 11:45 am and boarded a bus to the TERI campus. They had breakfast in the train and spent time interacting with each other.
3:00 pm: Reached TERI Himalayan Centre at 2:00 pm. After having hot healthy home cooked food, the students are ready to start their team building activities in the campus itself.
7:00 pm Students having a great time and enjoying the various activities along with tea and snacks
9:30 pm After a long day and ful filled sessions, students had their dinner and retiring to their rooms to sleep.