Trip Updated 27-29 Sept 2018

Date X Trip to BharatPur
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XI Trip to Mukteshwar
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XII Trip to Corbett
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29 Sept
12:45pm :
Class X students have left from Bharatpur at 12.45
11:00am :
Back from Keoladeo National Park after watching beautiful migratory birds. The students will have an early lunch and start back for Delhi.
10:15am :
Will start for Delhi around 12 noon and reach by 6:00 pm
Kids are having breakfast after a restful night of sleep. All is well. Will be leaving for the Bird Sanctuary shortly.
8:30pm :
Reached ghaziabad
3:22pm :
Sitting in the train now. All boarded safely. Parents to reach the station at 8.45 pm. Dispersal in front of C5 coach.; Train started on time, Sitting in the train now. All boarded safely. ETA 9.05 pm. Parents to reach the station at 8.45 pm. Dispersal in front of C5 coach.
Reached Kathgodam. Having lunch at Udupi.
12:15pm :
Traveling by buses to Kathgodam.5:30 am :
Students are up and ready to go and watch the sunrise
At Hanuman temple, watching sunrise
Been to mukteshwar temple
Parents must reach school by 6:00 pm
Lunch done.....
Started from Gajraula at 2:30 pm
12:35pm :
Class 12 students on their way back to delhi
10:15 pm
Class 12- started for Delhi at 9:30 am
Will reach school by 5:00 pm
28 Sept 7:50pm :
DJ night
6:30pm :
Students enjoyed the Roller Coster activity. Now having tea and snacks.
Activities at the resort
12:45pm :
Activities in the resort
Reached Bharatpur. Kids settled in their rooms.. Going for lunch at 12:45 pm
10:30am :
107 students and 10 teachers leaving for Bharatpur;
Washroom break at Taj Expressway
6:10am :
107 students and 10 teachers left for bharatpur
7:10pm :
The students returned back from the SUPI farm, had their evening snacks and had a session regarding rural sensitization with a local NGO.
Now they are having a group discussion about the day's experiences.
5:10pm :
At Kumaon Vani radio station
3:30pm :
At SUPI farm
2:06pm :
Kids enjoying a meal prepared by them
Cooking activity in a village house
12:45pm : The group is on its way to the village.
After having a sumptous breakfast the children are ready to go for the days activities.
Dinner at 9 pm
DJ at the resort at 7:30 pm
Children are fine
4:40pm :
Children doing activities
2:20pm :
Lunch served at 2:20 pm
6:10am :
Started for Safari at 5:45 am
27 Sept 6:05am:
Left New Delhi railway station on time with 33 boys, 21 girls, 6 teachers
Reached kathgodam at 11.40. Boarding buses for mukteshwar. All well.; Weather is fine
14:20pm :
Reached teri campus at mukteshwar; Having lunch
4:10pm :
Activities done
Team building activities on
Children are doing good
Will go for dinner in an hour

Children fine. Having diner
6:10am :
Group of 101 students
10:20 am :
Breakfast at gajraula
4:10pm :
Reached at 2 pm at infinity resorts
7:15pm :
Activities on