Update on trip to Jim Corbett

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Date Update
12/11/2022 : 9:00 am : Children have finished their breakfast and assembled for activities, photographs and some exciting prizes. We will start from here tentatively at 10:30. All well.
3:50 pm : We have stopped for lunch. Running a little late. Way forward is clear. Will stop for 45 minutes and we will be on our way. Students are having their meal.
5:20 pm :Class 8 is on its way back and the expected time of arrival is 7:30-8pm. We will update you frequently via the parent rep. Please do not come into the school premises. We also need the cars to be parked on the road near the Bangladesh high commision. All updates now will be through the parent rep of the school and grade rep of class8. All are safe and happily heading home.
6:26 pm : We have reached Ghaziabad
6:40 pm : Expected time of arrival between 7-7:30 now depending on traffic conditions.
11/11/2022 : 9:00 am : After morning milk and tea, jungle safari in progress. Crossed Kosi barrage. All well. Children well clad in warm clothes.
1:00 pm : After a hearty breakfast, a fun filled break and now a delicious lunch, children will go to Devbhoomi adventure park. All well, under control. Our children truly commendable.
7:00 pm : Children enjoyed the adventure activities. Now we are returning to the resort for snacks, followed by an astronomy session for spotting constellations. It will be followed by dinner. All well. Good night.
10/11/2022 : 7:20 am:Have crossed Hapur. Children happy and enjoying. Snacks served in the bus. All well
9:30 am:Children had a hearty breakfast. Onward journey to Jim Corbett continues. All well.
3:30 pm:All children had a sumptuous lunch, have been allotted their rooms. They will reassemble at 3:30 for team building activities. All well.
8:30 pm:There were team building activities in the evening, after which children enjoyed the DJ An enriching astronomy session currently going in. Children fascinated by the reflector telescope This will be followed by dinner and briefing for tomorrow. Good night from all of us here.