Update for Agra trip

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Date Update
11/11/2022 : 09:00 am:Students woke up early morning at 6:00, got ready and had scrumptious breakfast.After that they set out for Fatehpur Sikri.
12:15 pm:Students reached Fatehpur Sikri at 10:00 am.The guides explained the importance of the historical place .The students thoroughly enjoyed the archeological site- its beauty and magnificence.
03:20 am:Grade 7 is on its way back from Agra. Expected time of arrival is approx 6pm today . Parents to report to the main school gate . Kindly park the cars outside near the Bangladesh embassy side, to allow easy entry of the buses into the school . Students to inform the teachers before leaving the school premises . .
10/11/2022 : 10:30 am:On the way to Agra. Had breakfast at a food court in Kosi. Children are enjoying the bus ride to the fullest.
03:00 pm : Visited Taj Mahal, the finest example of Mughal architecture. Enjoyed the scenic views. Children learnt about its history through guides. Checked into the hotel.
08:30 pm : Students were taken to Agra Fort for an educational excursion. Once they were brought back to the hotel, they were served delectable snacks, followed by a DJ party where they shook a leg to their favourite songs. Then, dinner was served.