Update on Grade 6 Trip to Bhimtal

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Date Update
09/11/2019 :
All well with students . Police alerted and students are fine.
All fine... Kids are done with warm up exercises and headed towards the dinning room for breakfast
9:30am: Children had breakfast and out for last game session
11:00am: Kids were woken up at 6 a.m. They freshened up and rushed for the morning activities. They enjoyed a lot in nature's lap for an hour and then proceeded for breakfast. They then relished a healthy breakfast which had a variety of cuisines. After having breakfast,they joined back for another round of games. They will go back to their rooms at 10 to pack and get their luggage down so that we can proceed to Kathgodam where they'll have lunch.
Kids are boarding buses
Police alerted.
12:00 noon: Boarded buses and on the way to Haldwani -have police alert and railway also informed.
1:00 pm Reached haldwani... Kids enjoying meal at KFC
2:45 pm All good. We r at station with security around us
4:30 pm Kids settle in train. Started journey back to Delhi with lot of security on board with us
All settled
On our way back home
And station master was there...police all over
Afternoon update: Left resort for Kathgodam at 12 p.m. On the way halted at KFC Haldwani for lunch where they were served burgers and fries alongwith soft drink. They thoroughly enjoyed the meal and then we proceeded to the railway station. Reached platform at 2:45 and boarded train at 3:00. Kids settled in the train and got Lunch.
All three grades on the train are heading back . Safe and on board . Please check their details with the IRCTC. Kindly check arrival time and platform.
5:00 pm All three grades on the train are heading back . Safe and on board . Please check their details with the IRCTC. Kindly check arrival time and platform.
08/11/2019 :
The kids woke up early in the morning and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and pleasant weather. They then got ready and relished a yummy breakfast with variety of dishes.
12:30pm: all well and safe
1:30pm: After the breakfast,students were divided into two groups. One group went for a trek to Lake. The other group proceeded to the activity area where the students undertook adventure activities such as zipline and other army obstacles. This was followed by some games such as Think Out of the Box,catch etc. They were then served a refreshing drink. We are now proceeding back to the resort. Lunch will be served in a while.
6:30pm: All students happy and dancing ... All good ma'am. Kids back from treck and activities.. Enjoyed bread rolls with hot chocolate ....now busy with DJ.
8:30pm: The students returned from the nature walk (trek) at 6:30pm. On reaching the resort,they were served yummy snacks with hot chocolate. They are now busy dancing to the beats of their favourite songs. Dinner is ready to be served. The kids are having the time of their life!
07/11/2019 :
All kids reached boarded train and settled in their respective coaches with their teachers.
8:00am: We’re in the train. The students are all settled in their respective coaches. They are busy playing games. With big smiles on their faces,they’re enjoying the journey. Also, they had breakfast. All is well!
11:30am: Boarded buses for Bhimtal. Kids got snacks in the bus. All good.
1:30 pm reached Sea Hawks resort. Kids gone to eat lunch.
4:30 pm out for activities- icebreaker along with their teachers
Children out in the campus for evening activities. Having fun!!
6:30 pm Evening tea and snacks done. Kids playing scavanger hunt and enjoying.
8:30 pm Kids enjoyed hot soup and now having dinner.
Day 1- November 7, 2019 - Thursday
We boarded the Kathgodam Shatabdi at 6 am. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the train journey. They played many games and enjoyed breakfast on wheels. The train reached Kathgodam Railway Station at 11:45 am and then we boarded the bus for Sea Hawk Resort,Bhimtal where the kids relished a delicious lunch. Then they were allotted their rooms where they relaxed for a while. At 4pm, the kids assembled in the activity area where some amusing icebreaker activities were conducted. This was followed by a short break during which they were served yummy snacks with hot chocolate. They were then back on their feet for the next fun-filled group activity: Scavenger Hunt. This was followed by a talent show and a scrumptious dinner,after which they were off to bed. The students enjoyed themselves tremendously. Overall,it was an awesome day!