Rural Sensitization Trip to Mukteshwar (22-25 Sept)
3:45pm Started from Kathgodam.
2:00pm Reached Kathgodam railway Station
10:50am dispersal will be in front of coach number C-5 of the train
Started from the base camp for Kathgodam. Everything went smoothly
9:15am Children will move for breakfast at 7:00. There after it is poster making and its presentation amongst groups. We will leave from the base camp at 10:30 am. Every thing is fine.
9:15pm Cultural evening for students; they are enjoying. All are fine
7:15pm All groups have reached back after the day's activities. Moving for an interactive session. It will be followed by the cultural evening. Children are very happy and enjoying every bit
People from Radio Kumaon Vaani speaking to students about life in hilly areas and sharing what students and teachers recorded for Radio.
3:05pm Group C and D are done with the activities at Supi farm. After lunch we will visit the temple and the sunset point. Group A and B are at the village enjoying digging, ploughing and cooking activities
Students divided into 4 groups. Turn wise they are cooking , doing cabbage harvesting, digging field and doing lemon tree plantation.
While cooking, they enjoyed interacting with villagers, visited there homes, they are thrilled with their cooking and hard work in fields.
1:45pm Children are enjoying the activities in the SUPI farm. They are busy preparing rosemary cutting. All's well.
9:15am Had a nice yoga session. After having breakfast, we will move for the day's activities.
9:15pm Children thoroughly enjoyed the activities both in the village and SUPI farm. Were busy watching a presentation by an active NGO in the region. All's well.
8:15pm Students working ; They are all hale and hearty ; Are going for dinner ;Weather is good
8:00am It was raining since mid night. We managed to get everyone ready. Yoga session for boys have happened and for girls it's on. After that we will have breakfast. Group A and B will go to the Supi farm and group C and D will move to the village for the day's activities
4:50pm Reached Muktheswara safely around 2:30 .children are having lunch
Children have reached a ground 1 km away from the base camp for activities. There is a 2 hour session
12:50pm Reached kathgodam. Left for base camp, all safe and sound
6:52am 67 students,5 Sanskriti teachers, 3 Teri facilitators. Boarded train, all safe and sound
Note: Class 11 students will reach on 25/9/15. Reporting time for parents at AnandVihar Railway Station to pick up their wards is 8.15 p.m. , on the appropriate platform no. (please confirm at the station) .The train no. is 12039 (Shatabdi- Kathgodam to Delhi) and its scheduled arrival time is 20.50p.m. ( 8.50 p.m.).