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Rural Sensitization Trip to Mukteshwar (8-11 May)
2:00pm Students have safely reached Kathgodam and boarded the buses for Mukhtestwar in three buses.
4:00pm Students have safely reached the base camp in Mukteshwar and are busy in various team building activities after having lunch.
9:45pm After dinner everyone is playing games.
10:41pm Students are now in their dorms to sleep.
7:00am Yoga session in progress. After that the students will have breakfast and proceed in groups for the day's activities.
2:30pm Group one went to the SUPI farm to learn about new farming techniques and also to Kumaon vani radio station to record their voice. Group two went to the village to meet the students at a local school and thereafter interact with the villagers.
7:30pm The children thoroughly enjoyed team building exercises. After the evening snack, group whiich went to SUPI farms, visited the temple and the sunset point.
10:30pm Dinner over, the children are now relaxing around the bonfire for a little while before going off to sleep in their dorms.
7:00 am Yoga session in progress. After that the students will have breakfast and proceed in groups for the day's activities. The groups will reverse their roles today. The group which went to SUPI farm will go to the village today for interaction with kids and families. They will also experience working in the farms today. The group which went to the village yesterday will go to SUPI farm today to leatn about the new techniques of farming and also visit the Kumaon Vani radio station.
11:00 am Dr. Nidhi Chanana took a session on new agricultural strategies. Since it is raining, the activities for the day have been redefined a little.
6:00 pm Kids are back after the day's activities having their evening snacks.
8:00 pm Kids went to the sunset point and temple. Now they are heading for dinner Thereafter they will have nukkad natak.
8:00 am Students are ready for breakfast after cleaning their rooms. They will listen to the Kumaon Vani radio station at 8:40 am. Will leave the TERI campus at 9:45 am.
10:00 am Students boarded the buses at 9:45 am and are leaving for Kathgodam where they will have lunch and thereafter board the train.
2:00pm Children have reached Kathgodam, had lunch, shortly, they will board the train back to Delhi.
2:15pm The train details are as follows: KGM-NDLS Shatabdi; train no 12039, platform no. 11(from Ajmeri gate side). Parents are requested to reach New Delhi Railway Station by 8:45pm. The dispersal will be in front of coach C9. Parents to please ensure that children give attendance to the teachers on duty before leaving.