Picture Gallery

Rural Sensitization Trip to Mukteshwar (1-4 May)
1st May, 2016
12:00 noon Reached Kathgodam railway Station. Started for Mukteshwar in buses.
2:45 pm Reached Mukteshwar safely. All kids are having lunch after which they will be involved in activities planned by TERI
9:50pm Students have finished their dinner and are now in their dorms to sleep.
2nd May, 2016
9:00 am Children have finished breakfast after an early morning yoga session. Now the children will proceed with the day's activities in groups. One group will head for the village and the other for SUPI farm. All our children are safe. There is no trace of forest fire in that area. Parents are requested not to worry. Everyone is safe and sound , enjoying the weather and the activities.
12:00 noon The group which went to the village, visited a local school and can be seen in the picture gallery interacting with the students there. The principal of the school is also seen addressing the assembly. The second group who had gone to the SUPI farm is attending a session about the new farming techniques developed there.
5:00 pm Group I trekked to the Sunset Point to enjoy the scenic beauty.
9:00 pm Dinner time. Three birthdays celebrated today, wishing the children happy moments, good health and lots of good luck.
3rd May, 2016
11:15am Today group I has gone went to the village to experience agricultural activities and cooking. They will interact with villagers and visit their homes. Group II has gone to Supi Farm to see various medicinal plants, and get their voice recorded which will be broadcast at Kumaon Vani.
5:15pm All groups have reached back after the day's activities.They are having evening snacks and will be involved in group activities at the camp now.
8:50pm Students had their interactive session and are now having dinner. Raghav's and Sahiba's birthdays celebrated today.
4th May, 2016
7:15am All kids are up and about, ready for their yoga session after tea and biscuits.
9:15am Last session in progress. The group is planning to leave at 10:30 in buses for Kathgodam.They will have lunch at Udupiwala before boarding the train to Delhi .
2:00pm Children have reached Kathgodam. After lunch, shortly, they will board the train back to Delhi.
3:15pm The train has left for Delhi. Parents are requested to reach New Delhi Railway Station by 8:45pm. The dispersal will be in front of coach C2 of KGM NDLS SHT(Train NO. 12039). Parents to please ensure that children give attendance to the teachers on duty before leaving.
7:50pm The train has had a problem in the engine near Moradabad. The engine has been replaced but the train will be atleast one hour late.