21/09/2015: Sanskaar: Sanskriti PTA Newsletter Volume 2, 2015

Dear readers,
When we brought out the first print edition of Sanskriti PTA newsletter, Sanskaar, in April 2015, we had planned the next one to be a Carnival release, in December, 2015. Little did we know then that life had other plans and we would be in for a surprise!
We suddenly realised we couldn't stay away from our readers, for that long! We also saw how the school was teeming with activities - workshops, talks, celebrations and achievements- which needed to be written about and shared. Thus, it made perfect sense to bring out this online edition of Sanskaar, sandwiched between what you held in your hands last April and the special jumbo one that you will, this December.
One of the advantages of having an online edition is the unlimited space we get to publish the newsletter. Which means we bring to you more information with a riot of photographs! Workshops have been described in greater detail with take-aways included and the celebration section is packed with events and fun. A parent's article about suggestions for transport and traffic management and another by our Middle School Counsellor have also found comfortable space in this issue.
The year-end Carnival Edition will be very special. We are already burning the midnight LED working on it! Your suggestions and views are, as always, welcome. Mail us at - ptasanskaar@gmail.com.
But for now, here's presenting all that you must read!

Thanking you,
Sakshi Nanda.
Editorial Team - Anjul Tomar, Aruna Sivakumar, Kausalya Saptharishi, Malavika Pillai, Shobha Joshi.

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18/04/2015: Sanskaar: Sanskriti PTA Newsletter Volume 1, 2015

Dear Parents,
Thank you for reading the Sanskriti PTA Newsletter, Sanskaar. We have given it a name of its own, in keeping with the values the school upholds and strives to inculcate. We have also given it a slightly new avatar, not just because winter has made way for spring and now summer but also because we believe that it is through continuous change that we can arrive at something perfect. Something that not just informs, but involves; not just makes aware, but educates. This is our constant aim with the PTA Newsletter.
You will notice that we have stolen a leaf from your daily newspaper and divided the Newsletter into clear columns balancing the serious with the entertaining, the topical with the "who-put-this-in-here?" In short, somewhere between creativity and confusion, and a looming deadline, we have pressed 'Print' still hoping that the PTA Newsletter, including the online version, generates interest and is read by everyone. Our fingers are crossed!
We lean against clich's enough to know that we cannot clap with one hand, that it takes two. It's true! But why do we always forget the role that the air plays to generate those sound waves without which we wouldn't hear the clap? The role of everything is important to recognize. The School, the Parents and the PTA together work something like that clap. It is a symbiosis where each one needs the other to work effectively, sensitively, democratically, constructively and most importantly, with our children as the fulcrum. The School plays its own role, you as parents play your parts at home and the PTA functions as the bridge between the two, mostly invisible but always around. Our endeavor as the PTA is to keep this relationship as valuable for our children's school life as is possible. We hope you keep abreast of the goings on, and also keep in touch with us to keep us as informed and aware as we aim to keep you. Wishing everyone a great new session.
Sakshi Nanda, Editor
Shobha Joshi, Advisory Editor

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14/04/2015: Workshop on Life Skills education for Parents

Sanskriti School PTA has arranged for a talk on Life Skills education as a preventive tool for high-risk and deviant behaviour amongst our pre-teens and growing teens on Saturday, 18th April 2015 at 9:00 am at the School Auditorium. Today's urban 21st century environment is unlike any in human history, and this, combined with the 'search for a self-identity' phase of life creates a gap between acquired values and aspired values. Research shows that this gap can lead to choices that result in mild to severe negative habit formation, which can manifest in various deviant and/or defiant & self-harming behaviors/patterns amongst adolescents and young adults. Often, all an adolescent needs to resist peer pressure is self-confidence and the self assurance to say NO. And a firm no at an early stage can prevent substance abuse much more easily than lectures and therapy. Psychologist and NSD-trained theatre person Mr Keshav Palita (trained by Dr Yusuf Merchant) will talk to parents on all aspects of the need of a Life Skills Education Programme specifically designed with this particular preventive methodology at the core. The talk will introduce the concept of Life Skills Education as a tool of upgrading a student's general quality of life, health, and academic performance. There is an urgent need to assimilate such programmes into school curricula at a time when India is globalising and international influences are freely clickable on the internet for an aspirational demographic.

23/02/2015: Welcome to PTA New flash

Welcome to the PTA News Flash This is the First Item, Updates will follow.